Understanding The Non-Institutionalizsation of a Socio-Technical Innovation: The Case of Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) in Nepal

Floriane Clement, Prachanda Pradhan and Barbara Van Koppen, March 25, 2019.   Multiple-use water services (MUS) have been promoted and piloted globally for two decades as a socio-technical innovation. Yet the MUS approach has hardly extended beyond donor-funded projects to public policies. We use a collective action framework to analyze the non-institutionalization of MUS in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “ Civil Service Management and Administrative Systems in South Asia” (edited) by Ishtiaq Jamil, Tek Nath Dhakal and Narendra Raj Paudel, Switzerland: Palgrave MacMillian, 2018

Reviewed by Prachanda Pradhan, Octotber 2018. I congratulate the editors for bringing  out an excellent book containing contemporary issues on civil service management  and administrative systems in South Asia. This book has  14 chapters with the contribution of 24 authors  covering 7 countries including China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh , Maldives and Sri Lanka covering... Continue Reading →

Institutional Reforms in Irrigation Sector for Sustainable Agriculture Water Management including Water Users Associations in Nepal

Prachanda Pradhan, Madhav Belbase, Hydro Nepal, Issue No. 23, e-ISSN 2392-4101, July 2018. Introduction Out of 2.7 million hectares (Mha) of agricultural land in Nepal, only 1.4 Mha have irrigation facilities. The majority of irrigation systems are small and medium scale, which also includes groundwater irrigation. Agriculture is a mainstay of the economy of Nepal,... Continue Reading →

Audio: PURDnet: A Way Forward

Interview with Prachanda Pradhan and Jitti Mongkolnchaiarunya at University of Philippines, Deliman campus on August 8-12, 2018. Program host was Dr. Hazel Cometa. https://youtu.be/5FE2uZq_YrE?rel=0 The recording talks about PURDnet's origin and development. Where Prachanda and Jitti visited University of Philippines, Deliman Campus, they explored the possibilities of collaboration between School of Social Work and Community... Continue Reading →

Slides: Managing Conflict in Irrigation Sector

Prachanda Pradhan, GESI Training in WRPPF, Department of Irrigation,Nepal. August 6, 2018. —Scope  of Presentation: Water Sector conflict at different levels: —Inter-country  ( relating to sharing of water among or between countries, for example : Gangaswater sharing between Bangladesh and India after FarakkaBarrage ( Impact in Bangladesh-Gore River, quantity of water share, no flushing of salt water and intrusion... Continue Reading →

Study on Irrigation and Hydropower Trade-off

Prachanda Pradhan, Rashmi Shrestha, Pravakar Pradhan, August 1, 2018. Nepal is rich in water resources. They have been used in irrigation for food production and water mills for food processing and micro-hydropower projects for lightening and domestic use. A few hydropower stations of small capacity were constructed in 1911 and after. Recently, many hydropower projects... Continue Reading →

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